Executive Defensives, LLC is a training company founded on the principals of reality based, student focused gun fighting and self-defense courses. The Suarez International Force on Force course is the core course taught at Executive Defensives.

Executive Defensives’ motto and mission statement is Integritas vitae. “Integrity for life”. Integrity in dealing with clients and students but also to teach integrity under the stress of a gunfight or violent situation. The master gunfighter Doc Holiday once said that speed and accuracy in a gunfight is good but the most important thing is preservation of self. What he meant by that is to remain calm, to remain whole; to retain integrity under the stress of a gunfight is critical to prevailing and winning.

Force on Force training and specifically the Suarez curriculum for Force on Force is a proven method to develop the skill set to learn how to move and shoot under the simulated stress of a gunfight. The skill set one acquires from Force on Force training will give a student the ability to have preservation of self. Integritas vitae.

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