Seated RifleDon Kirsch is a Suarez International Affiliate Instructor and the lead trainer for Executive Defensives, LLC. Mr. Kirsch has trained with various civilian, military and LEO shooting instructors. Some of his training and certification consist of:

  • Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Urban Patrol Rifle Class
  • Suarez International Force on Force Instructors Course
  • NRA Basic Instructors Course
  • NRA Basic Pistol Shooting Instructors Course
  • NRA Home Firearms Safety Instructor Course
  • Suarez International, Defensive Knife Fighting Class
  • Basic, Intermediate and advanced handgun courses
  • Basic, Intermediate and advanced AR-15 & M4 courses
  • Long Distance Rifle Shooting
  • Small Unit Tactics in Structures and Urban Environments
  • Night & low level light shooting
  • HapKiDo, 6th dahn black belt, certified by the United States Korean Martial Arts Federation and the Korea KiDo Association (DaeHan KiDoHwe) , Republic of Korea
  • Han Mu Do, 1st dahn black belt, Han Mu Do Association

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