Suarez Force on Force

The Suarez Force on Force class is a drill based class to teach students a proven method of moving and shooting to prevail in the worst case scenario. What do you do if you find yourself in the worst case scenario? The assailant already has the drop on you. Their weapon is drawn and you need to react to win. The Modern Method of Stand and Deliver will most likely fail. The Suarez Force on Force curriculum will teach you how to “move off the X” and aggressively turn your bad situation into redirecting violence of action upon the “bad guy”. The course is taught with Airsoft handguns to simulate the stress of an actual gun fight. Through a series of drill based progressions the student learns how to move, draw their weapon and fight to win. Once the basic concept of “moving off the X” is mastered the drills progress to multiple assailants and defending in a dynamic environment against attackers with edged and striking weapons.

The required equipment of the FOF class is: an Airsoft approved full face mask, an Airsoft handgun with a holster and approximately 300 rounds of plastic BBs. Head cover, long sleeves and gloves are recommended.

“Shooting targets at the range is like hitting the heavy bag. Force on Force training is sparring.”

– Gabe Suarez

Offensive Knife Fighting

The Offensive Knife Fighting Class teaches the student the fundamentals of using an EDC (Every Day Carry) Knife as a fighting weapon. In the class the student will learn methods for carrying, deploying and gripping the knife in a fighting situation. Knife angles of attack, slashes and stabs, are presented, along with developing footwork and movement for using the knife in fighting scenarios.

In the Offensive Knife Fighting class students are taught to use a knife to disable the attacker to take the attacker out of the fight. A step by step method of learning knife fighting is presented which will enable the student to be more confident and skilled in the use of a knife in close quarters situations and how to use the knife to gain the time and advantage to escape from the situation or to deploy a firearm for self defense.

NRA Basic Pistol Course

The NRA Basic Pistol Course is the curriculum developed by the NRA to introduce the different types of pistols and the safe and proper use of pistols to shooters. The course consists of an overview of how single action and double action revolvers and pistols function, the correct way to grip a pistol, along with sight alignment, sight picture, proper trigger control and how to shoot the correct shot.

A shooting range proficiency test is conducted at the end of the day long course. Whether you are new to pistol shooting or are in need of a refresher on pistol handling and marksmanship the NRA Basic Pistol course will be beneficial to you.

Women’s Self Defense

The Women’s Self-Defense Classes are designed specifically to teach women situational awareness and how to fight against a larger, stronger adversary. The fundamentals of how to strike with power and using natural motion to generate effective striking techniques is presented.

Simple and basic escapes from grabs and chokes are introduced, along with how to fight from the ground or with someone sitting on top of you are practiced.

The use of common everyday objects as weapons and utilizing terrain and your environment to your advantage is introduced. The classes are presented as standalone lessons and can be tailored for specific groups or situations.

Executive/Corporate Self Defense

The Executive/Corporate Self-Defense Classes are focused on training business professionals in self-defense and protection techniques while traveling or in the office.  The classes are tailored for the specific client who is contracting the course. Examples of material taught is Active Shooter scenarios in the work place, protective security for travel or in corporate gatherings.

Suarez Combat Pistol (coming soon)

Description coming.